Freshman 2 Sophomore!!!!!!!!!

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DISCLAIMER :: If you have any problems with this or feel left out please contact me. Don try roughing me up I have PP support :). If you get the feeling I am frustrated or gay be sure I am not. AND I DONT USE WINDOWS(both the hardware/*I use doors*/ and software)

The ceremony to mark our coming into 2nd years was a total let down. The junta assembled at Mining Seminar according to NITK standards half an hour late. As per the dressing instructions a few people sportively wore formals or ethnic wear, but much of the crowd did not care about the dress code coming almost in their night dresses. (One Mr A3 god had to be pulled out his DOTA game in whatever he was wearing). I was confused between formals of ethnic so I went for the fusion brand a Sherwani with formal pant(Beat that). The GB brigade was wearing stunning saris showing enthu which was obviously lacking in th boys section. This could be attributed to the fact that many of the famous personalities decided to give this event a skip I think because they were to scared of the thought of being ragged or at least grilled on stage. The absentees included our famous CR, Bk,Weedi, Hesh, Bala,IE Con and ANV. The ball was set to role by ‘JOGI Hadu’ by Bharat S.The Punjab Cricketer from our class did a Bhangra dance number and was accompanied by his room mate E Bizz Guru. The guys had to nominate a girl who would give them a rose and the imported loco female was the most popular choice guys (If you did not get it she was wearing GREEN;;; still clueless THINK VIPUL JAIN) and that I think dethroned You Know Who as the class’ most popular girl. We were blessed by the presence of 3 members of our faculty (I dont know why). We had a round of musical chair with our UP Lady and Sambhit won it (we are considering him for the world cup MUSICAL CHAIRS in Addis ABaba ). Kulki was made to bowl (weird things with weird people)

FOOD (the Thing We care about)

No No No……………I did not get any samosa cake or coke (Can I sue them). But many seniors were seen attacking the food. Only two or three seniors were actually cared about the geusts(us ) having food. The coke went from bottles down the throats while I and a few unlucky ones were mere spectators because of our extra courteous manners. I think they were eating for what they paid (so mean). Luckily I got some pav bhaji but my luck did not last till the ice cream. I think this again proves the point food is the single most important thing in a NITkians life thanks to the messes. Sankalp did a dance number (tribute to that guys passion for dance)

2nd Half

The faculty left (finally ) after getting bored of seeing a dozen intros of the 2nd years. CSI Puppy danced to Beedi and sung in konkani and gave a rose to the Green Sari Babe. Wow What a day for him. Then the 3rd year Bala (IEEE Bala) shouted blowing up his vocal cords to infuse some enthu into the party but he ended up doing a Dus Bahane Dance Number (a good one at that may be DDFC next year). The North Indian Dudes started doing what they do best “SHOUTING”with some Joel support. Then the deadly thing called Paper Dance started.The few select females had to choose from about 200 males the guy who would basically lift them (forget dancing seriously). The girls called Karat, 3rd year mallu guy, final year weirdo 3rd Year Roto con and a guy with a very two single hairs tied in a knot as a ponytail.

Vipul Jain && Nishkarsh

To tell the truth i was also expecting a dance call, but I was lucky (ha ha). Then out of no where Vipul Jain gets the call to dance from the “girl of the night” and Nishkarsh from PC. The dancing begins with people standing and only Vipul Jain doing some ballroom dancing to Bhangra Beats (Phew!). The lifting began, Karat was substituted by Sreejit, and Vipul Jain was having the day of his life AND in NITK tradition he was really gpld big time, (Every #0g “GUY” has his day)/* THAT MIGHT BE A JEALOUS EXPR.ESSION*/. The smile did not leave his face for a while. I totally salute the guys for taking up the job without much gym experience. After a while the party was dispersed. And the whole evening ended with many people being left out.

  • Mogre and Shubham were competing for the best dressed male award in Sherwanis with dupatta where as the judges thought otherwise and EBizz guru won the award.
  • Bangis as usual were acting #ay, A3 Asking Heda many times for a dance.
  • EBizz was not wearing his earing which i think signifies his changed attributes (he lifted CRs Babe).
  • Nishkarsh treated at the GB cafe for getting the golden oppurtunity to dance
  • Few clubs had interviews. So some crowd did not come up.
  • A tribute to Bhatia, he was stunningly dressed in Formals (I AM NOT BENGI)
  • Sarat Rallapli was given a rose by some senior girls (SLoggers get too much attention)
  • Mileee was given a course on PONDY by Bazy and A3 god.
  • 3rd year Bala agreed the party was not upto the mark
  • Mogre gave 15 roses to the Gult girl.

6 Responses to “Freshman 2 Sophomore!!!!!!!!!”

  1. dude…..
    why the hell r u botherin to write bout some suck all fresher party u had….. i think the only guy who truly enjoyed(n has been mentioned more than enuf ) was our own – VIPUL JAIN.
    the icing on the cake for him was the girl he danced wid, her sis gave the dude from jammu a rose….. sortamakes u think he’s out to get the whole family…
    but kudos to ur efforts….
    if u permit….. i wud love to write bout our freshers…(the chemical one- man we had fun!)

  2. n the smile on his face is still on……

  3. well written bro…… but i guess ur gonna face the heat from a few ppl….. dont worry im not amongst ’em

  4. sucker magha…….im gonna smash u tommorow……..
    u did TOTAL DAMAGE to my image….

    ne ways …good work

  5. Taaa good bro….. i agree with you that it sucked but i had fun… i know u are feeling jealous but can’t help it dude…and wtf is ballroom to bhangra!!!

  6. nin shaatana mele uppinakai
    laude ke baal

    nice job chooth
    keep it up
    i love u
    darrryl nikhil lewis

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