End of Mid Sems

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22 September 2007


A beautiful day, end of midsems , we had not done anything fun for a long time. So it was decided we will go to Sultan Battery and check out the water sports there. I came across a flyer about water sports in sultan battery just by chance at Swamis . As usual it was me and mota who pushed along the crowd to come. Finally after some effort a gang of nine left for Sultan Battery at around 4 in the eveneing. It was a punjab party dominated crowd consisting of Sahu (vikas) Moga(vipin) Prince(tejinder singh) UP (abhishek aggarwal) Mehta (mohit) and the usual people watan and Nishkarsh. After some help from the bus conductor and changing busses a regiment of 9 people in 3 autos reached sultan battery. On reaching we the ever hugry people of NITK (thanks to the messes attacked ) attacked a Chat wallah who did not understand what a gol guppa was. After3 plates of gol guppas down our tummies we paid a tribute to the monument built by Tipu Sultan which luckily stood the test of time . We all decided to do Kayaking so we split up into batches into two batches, mota me watan and moga . in one. Mota like his extreme self set off with his kayak. It was a totally exhillarating ecperience. We even found a answer sheet with 0 marks on it in the water. On reaching back ashore we decided to give a shot to dirt track racing which was really awesome and taatal fun. Mota as expected crashed the vehicle and did all kinds of crap /* when will he realise he might get into trouble*/ we all decided to go to bittu da dhaba for dinner. After a tiring one hour journey on the express bus /* I was hanging all the while*/ we reached Bittu da dhaba. The food there compensted for all our troubles. Watan the experienced candidate ordered for us. Butter paneer and dal makhani. Rotis were on the rocks. Every one eating some 8 rotis with swami /*weird to have a swami at Bittu da dhaba*/ getting the rotis in batches of 18 and then a round of lassis. I never liked lassis but the lassi there was good damn good/*copyright Sri bala tiple G*/. I gorged on food like that really after a long time ,Nishkarsh payed the bill as it was his Birthday, (Thanks a lot saved my fifty) . On reaching back to NITK the dreaded India Australia 20 20 semifinal had started with India batting first I being the pessimistic soul predicted Indias defeat and hoped at the deepest corner of my heart that india would win. I was too tired and I could not get a standing place in the TV room so i slept through the Indian innings. The aussie chase began and the tv room crowd going bezerk on every appearance of the skimpily clad Reliance girls(dancers wearing some t shirts of reliance) . I was sent off packing in the middle obvers by bala and mota as I was an ill omen and Indias position was not good. But some terrific bowling by Bhajji Rpsingh got India back into the game and it was a comfortable win setting up a India Pakistan finals. the first floor NIDs went a bit crazy and started celebrating with loud music and attempts to dance. I dont know why I am writing this; Thats all to my key board.(going to watch sytheria)


Tit Bits

  • Mehta was wearing a pink shirt and white shoes (beat that)

  • Moga has two girlfriends one in Mlore and one in jalandhar (phew)

  • The funny surds name is Tejinder

  • UP was wearing a stupid pair of shades.

  • Sytheria is a porn star who can squirt 8 times.

  • I attempted to booze yesterday finist=hing only half a bottle of beer, with some sprite.





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  1. forget the “shandy” sheki…….. recall the ” beeda pan” u ate the other day! why don u tell ppl bout tat!!! TAT WAS MUCH MORE FUN MAN! u actually got sick!

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