Are you the Mafia?

In Blogroll, NITK on October 17, 2007 by sheki

The new rage to hit the second floor of my hostel 7th block in NITK is a game called Mafia. It has replaced the popular Defence of The Ancients (read DOTA) as the most played game in the amongst all people here. People go on Mafia sprees playing mafia from 12 noon to 3 night. The game is very addictive and has given another opportunity to many people to avoid academics. Besides submitting a research paper in an obscure subject called information systems we the people of comp sci are left dumb founded by DSA classes. All these don’t cause any panic but a dumb move in a mafia game ‘to kill the bandit’ sends tempers raising. People who consider themselves to gifted inside the skulls blast others who according to them don’t analyze the game. Bazy has been a sitting duck in this aspect always. People keep forgetting that this is a game and not anything more. The currently popular cricket 07 game also has lost much of its appeal; only bala is seen some times to be playing it. The recently concluded student leadership congress was the stage to pass on the legacy of mafia form third year to second year. The game has been spreading like a wildfire.

Amongst other things the visits to reading room by people like Rushil have started. I have to start reading or else my GPA wont be a good picture.

2 Responses to “Are you the Mafia?”

  1. dude how can u get addicted to a crappy game like mafia and not to booze(after several failed attempts) will remain an unslovable puzzle for eternity.

  2. how rite can u get man! but fact is now the flame seems to have extinguished after many ppl(read: pom) seem to have taken the game too seriously to be played!
    so i guess its back to DOTA for most o the guys!

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