In Blogroll, NITK on October 21, 2007 by sheki

Talent is a inborn; its a gods gift to each person; every one cant have all the things in him; the Darwinist process of natural selection always gifts individual with some or the other talents. But what happens when the never before failed theory forgets to gift you with talent??…………

I am a guy in supposedly one of the better institutes of technology in the country NITK, but being here i get the opportunity to develop other skills apart form academics. But how hard try I cant be a master of any of the fields. Starting of first year I had a huge craze for volleyball. I used to play daily from a loser at the start i led my class team to the finals in the inter branch cup but thats the end of story ; the college team trials came up were so many people better than me and I realized I did not have any natural talent in this game. I had real interest in quizzing and was always improving but never could really qualify for any quiz because there always someone better then me. I tried in vain to forge a team for the quizzes but I always end up looking for team mates just before quizzes. Nature here too has not been nice to me. I then started the quested of technical skills. I was damn impressed by other peoples knowledge in c coding they had natural flair at it. I was always mesmerized by their ease of coming up with the code where as I struggled to get my programs right. Unluckily this was also not my forte and my search for talents within goes on. I tried learning Photoshop and here too there are others much better than me and I have as of now found no use of my so called developed skill. Now I am trying to learn PHP but again there are others who are better than me. Some people have the natural talent in them some dont, coming to this elite college called NITK you are always in the company of the talented and always I feel demoralized that I am not as skilled enough. But my quest for developing skills and talent continues. I am not going to give up easy …. I will always try to develop my skills and make up for the the ‘ unhad ‘ talent. This is quest from within. A flame to engulf the realms of whatever I endure to do. Let the sad story not bore you. Thats it to my keyboard……………

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