The Most irritating bus Journey

In NITK on October 27, 2007 by sheki

Disclaimer ::

this is a personal opinion and if any sentiments are hurt i am sorry for it. I have the right to express my feelings and hope this doesnt make any relations sour.<actually i don’t give a damn>


A high bala, mota < with kurt Cobaines soul trying to enter him > pacman, flirtmaster and rushil

An usual weekend trip to mangalore to have some good food and a usual return journey on the express bus standing but with a small difference. As soon as we got into the bus which was stuffed only by members of a species called NITKIANS  my friends were bitten by the singing bug.  Starting with humming tones of the same old english songs they went berserk singing in high volume in the bus. Now I have never seen anyone do that before in a bus except for some street urchins begging for money. The singing was accompanied by some instrumental help by mota who desperately tried to mimic a guitar. Tushil was displaying his creative prowess. And well bala was just singing along. Mota developed a nasal twang trying to emulate the guitar which was damn irritating. Pacman tried to handle the vocal drums. After the standard english songs the band started to sing arbit songs like ‘Choli ke niche kya hai ‘ by mota to which he himself replied mame and of course bala laughed at it. This was damn funny for them and unfunny for me. The other people in the crowd were getting bored and pissed off too. I heard some people doing ‘Pitchee, pitchee” I was hoping some senior would get up and yell at them to stop.But I think they all were very civilised and had a hell amount of practice to face crap.  After that it was the usual Bala and Mota pondy  round. they started  singing sutta balatkari and GMD in the bus. Mota forgot where the volume down button was and went on singing. Later I came to know the meta prof sitting in front was staring at them in full hysteria.

But the best worst was yet to come. Flirtmaster joined the band and the composed the worst composition i have heard in my whole life. They started yelling it out opposite GB which was drawing undue attention from the guards and i had disperse them. But still they continued on singing at all along till SAC which was damn ……well ……..embarrassing   <yes !!!!!!i got the word right >.

 Well it was ironic that bala and flirtmaster whose usual time pass is to criticise our north Indian brethren of uncivilised behaviour to indulge merrily in such activity. Shivaji the boss was playing in SAC then we went to see the remaining part. The movie was just awesome to watch with all the shouting going on the dialogues of Rajini   my favorite being “BOSS Bachelor of social service”.We all found the heroine too sexually attractive. I know the guys wont agree with me , but they never do on these matters. Waiting for aggressive comments >>>>>


5 Responses to “The Most irritating bus Journey”

  1. this bastard was sleepin …in the full journey.If there was a prof in the bus u shud ‘ve told us rite there. And sivaji actress looked ok in only 1 song thats all…otherwise she sucks….AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST MY**R* PARTY SUCKS DE>>>>>u are not gettin the money i owe u….

  2. this is pacman!!!!
    dude…. we have had a hectic week n more is in store!!!!
    rushils presence in the main buildings been omnipotent these days….
    so we were just chillin out…. if any1 had any issues they shud have let us noe- includin u ma dear frnd. they have the freedom of speech n have full rite to exercise it like we were doin.

    n believe ma … i’m not justifyin nythin…. jus tellin u ma perception!!

  3. first of all the band is called ]hooha[ and our first single is called teri maa ka..
    and sheki its a pity u din join us during what u call “uncivilised behavior of north indian bretheren”.. stop acting like a fucking bangi with a stiff upper lip cos we had a lot a fun that nite..
    p.s: sorry for the harsh was quiet an accurate description of what happened.

  4. bastard at least accept the comments.

    crzy shitttttttttttttt
    wat utter nonsenseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    choli ke pecheeeeeeeeeeeee thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    and she was sexually attractive wat nonsense…cango is more attractive thn her!!!!

    well that was the aggressive part!!

    and more subtle comment

    nice macha….bach of social service doesnt make much sense really!does it?

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