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Every process in this world is gradual. Nothing happens in this world instantaneously. Instead of a rather empirical or immediate view of the world what I would like to stress here is that the world was defined or understood over a gradual period of time and not instantaneously. Understanding process led to the understand the other theory. What I am trying to say here is that like the nebula initially was a giant ball of a gas which gradually spun infinitely to form spherical planets revolving around suns in elliptical orbits the laws which we formulate to understand nature were also formed gradually and not by the dreams or theories of one person (Kekule might be an exception ).

The wheel was not a brain child of one human being or event though it was it was invented over and over again through out history. So gradually the wheel attained its modern form. What ever could not be understood or explained was attributed to the gods. Once gradually people begin to understand an occurrence the process loses its mystic touch. The sun from being the supreme Egyptian god Ra has been reduced to a mass ball of burning Hydrogen which is not unique as thousands of such other suns exist in the universe. It is believed death cannot be cheated but may be cryogenics will lead to freezing of an individual and preserving him for eternity.

I strongly believe gradually everything will be explained and nothing will be a mystery in this world. Gradualism will flatten the world and people will think in terms of understanding everything. The only disadvantage of gradualism is that the people should be able to see the changes or the process causing the action to understand things; then only will they accept the explanation.

People currently do not believe in the ice caps melting well not atleast all do. But once they see a few cities like Bombay submerge they will act and act in a large way. Gradually everyone will understand everything and the world will go to state of flatness where there are no more intelligent and dumb people. Everyone will become a scholar.

But what hastens the process of Gradualism are the Accelerators. If Newton had not found out gravity we would have known it by a different name and the internet was may be 200 years away. If the Arpanet team did not form the internet may be the companies today would be thinking of a more organized structure of a network linking everybody. Gradually everything will be solved but the accelerators speed up the work. The accelerators will push the evolution of mankind by few years. A few of the accelerators are Sir Issac Newton, James Watt, Samuel Morse, Marconi, APRANET team, Gordon Moore and the random guy in the ancient world who found out Indian spices can preserve meat over the winter. Some times the accelerations caused have been restricted to certain civilizations or regions causing them to be the superpowers. Like steam power caused the British to rule the world. Some times these accelerations have been spread through out through trade or conquest. Eg: The Chinese knowledge of siege was spread through out Asia by Genghis Khan. So there are TRANSMITTORS Some times transmittors do more important work than accelerators. Gutenberg may be created the most powerful device of TRANSMISSION “the printing press” till the advent of the internet. So gradualism has its actors in ACCELERATORS and TRANSMITTORS.

One more point which helps gradualism is TIME. Time eliminates the older generations. So the non believers die and the world is left with the believers of newer theories and hence an age will come when Gradual theory of everything will be created to explain whatsoever in this Universe.

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  1. Intellectual stuff macha..but wats this need to understand everything?? it will be like you said about IPL. every over is a slog,six in every takes out the fun and makes it scrap this graualism theory it will only make world a lot boring!!

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