Where am I from??

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Everyone knows me as Sheki from Mysore or as the NID from Bombay or as just another Bangy. So let me take this opportunity and introduce to my actual home town

Chirala in Andhra Pradesh.

I had gone there last weekend to meet my grandparents, a few cousins and countless other relatives who appear in my life only briefly during weddings and other functions.

My home town got is a 400 year old small coastal town in Andhra Pradesh. It was considered a Health resort town by the Britishers. The water on the beaches here is so white that this place was called Kseerapura(meaning where the sea looks as white as milk) and due to the degenerative pronunciation of the generations it got its modern name Chirala. It has a very bustling textile industry and hence also referred to as Mini-Bombay. Though unknown to the Common Man it is known to every single cloth merchant south of Hyderabad and everyone of them would have carried out a journey to Chirala at least once to ink a deal with the wholesaler there. It is a place where the famous Wills brand of ciggerates are made as ITC has a huge factory in Chirala perhaps the only factory there. Nearby are a few beaches Vardrove and Ramapuram which are different from the tourist beaches everyone frequents now and then. They provide the calm and peace of unknown and unconquered territories. One of the things you should not missout once you are in Chirala is drinking the Goli Soda. Goli Soda
Its an aerated concoction of Soda and lime which is sold only for 1Re (where is the inflation? ). Chirala is also famous for its Cashew production as the town of Vetupalem near it has a lot of Cashew plantations. One famous sweet of Chirala is the Jeedi Papu PakamJeediPapu Pakam
It is a sweet make by coating jaggery syrup over a special variety of Cashew

My grandmother was from the family of the Karnam (zamindars) of the town. One of my distant relative is still the karnam of the village. Though the title is obsolete now, you still get a lot of respect from the townspeople. The town of Chirala is divided into Perala and Kothapeta (meaning the new area). Perala was the old town of Chirala with really old houses and open drains. This is where my family has a old villa fit only for the Karnam. The street is known as Karnam Gari Veedi (street of the Karnam) . Last but not the least Chirala is most famous for its Chakka Rickshaws which are flat cycle rickshaws with only a flat wooden plank for sitting (not the normal cushioned one) and the rider pedals along with as many as 6 people and can get you from one end of Chirala to the other in as low as Rs.5. I really find this place unaffected by inflation.

Well this was my home town Chirala hope you enjoyed the account.

4 Responses to “Where am I from??”

  1. Thanks for the enlightenment mate. Nevertheless,people will still consider you NID 🙂

  2. Nice post man. It really made me want to visit the place. Speaking of the aerated lime juice, I thought BABA Lime (@ Rs. 5) was cheap! Shows how rural India’s still unspoilt by consumerism.

  3. Super maga….
    this explains few things…why ur so ksheera in complexion, why you refer yourself as ‘Hum’ , sheki the zamindar and the over drive in the chakka rickshaw may have done to you [:D]!!!
    P.S: goli soda foto is cool

  4. u friggin gult fuck!

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