Andar Bahar

In Blogroll on June 18, 2008 by sheki

Well as I was bored at home I started watching one of my favorite movies Rang De Basanti for the Umpteenth time. But this time a scene struck me.

The scene shown here exactly depicts how college is for us and how all of us NITKIANs dont want to go out of the college. How we are the “Kings of The World” inside it and how we will become mere nothings in the world outside. Sure some of us will achieve great things in life be famous and rich but we will not be what we never will be what we were in college -Carefree souls whose happiness could not be screwed by anything like bad grades, water shortage, lack of girls. All these problems do not bother us one bit in NITK but out there it the ‘Bahar Ki Duniya’ we will have to take care of everything. We will have to strive to create a life.

Once outside everyone will meet up once in a week at the beginning. Then everyone will start weaving a web of priorities around themselves such that these precious friends will be left far outside the web. All the drungaads the GPLs a thing of the past which will sometime induce a whiff of laughter when your mind will come across them while defragmenting your loaded brain.

Ok this might be going too far just into 3rd year but the Video here just makes me think..Tim Lak …Tim Lak …Tim Lak…

4 Responses to “Andar Bahar”

  1. Yeah, true but the fact that everybody is involved with some shata project or the other, and the lovely situation of bangalore traffic does not help our causes 😦

  2. sheki

    kya ho gaya yaar, bohot future mein soch ne laga hai yaar aaj kal tu!

    kisi ne thodi zyaada pila di kya???

  3. Sheki!

    That title started giving me ideas…… 😉
    I thought probably no dangerdave now. :O

  4. yaa u r the one who is having shit priorities!!
    Come here we will give u the GPL u so dearly missing,but we can’t solve 1 thing
    ‘lack of girls’
    and its not Tim Lak …Tim Lak …Tim Lak…
    its tim lak lak lak..tim lak lak lak..and it goes on 😀

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