Murphys Law at its Peak

In Blogroll on June 24, 2008 by sheki

The great old Murphy’s law which in one of its manifestations was in effective on full force on the day we had to give our project demonstration to our Professor. First of all one of my project partner decided to get the website pages in a pen drive instead of bringing his laptop along. On reaching the professors house we installed the required software to run on some ones laptop but Lord Murphy struck and the website did not work. So we tried to get another comp and running the same site on it. But strike two MySQL was not working on it. Phew so Mr Abbi got working on it and after half an hour or so amidst queries from our Prof about the delay in the demonstration Abbi strikes gold and all the services of the required WAMP server start and our website is up and running. But as soon as we pat Abbi on the back the comp runs out of charge and hibernates.

Mr Murphy’s strike three was not the last though, we tried running a few pages with a couple of Java applets but then the obvious happens and the computer does not have Java Run Time Environment. God the Prof must have been getting impatient and and we were surely getting tense. So we decide to install JRE into the comp.

But then strike 5 happens we could not find the JRE installer with anyone around. The nearest thin we found to serve our purpose was Netbeans which was a 475 MB installer. So having no other choice we started installing it. But then you guessed it right strike 6 ; the comp ran out of hard disk space. Aaaargh I could thrown out of the windows then but its price reminded me not to do so. Then After a few deletions we could install the required software and proceeded to give the demonstration. Mr Murphy kept us company throwing minor problems in our way.

So finally friends whenever you are doing anything important please take care of Mr Murphy who once said “whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time”.

3 Responses to “Murphys Law at its Peak”

  1. Lol, here i would like to say what Poston said to our delays, “While trying to run applications, there’s a little angel called Murphy who likes to watch over”.

    How true!

  2. Hahaha, I should remember a thing or two while opening that tinted glass mini-door I refitted with my amateur hands at home, after breaking it with a football.

  3. haha..nice fun eh??

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