Bashing Bollywood

In Blogroll on June 29, 2008 by sheki

Bollywood these days is panning out such ordinary unimaginative hopeless cinema that it made me think weather the quality of the films is going down or the creative audiences are reducing. Now a days in Bollywood you see only movies which are comic capers where the actors do actions which make apes doubt their capabilities peppered with cheap on the face comedy or movies with stars where the story and screenplay don’t matter anymore. But the saddening part is that the audience is digesting such kind of cinema which encourages the movie makers to make more such films.

Yash Raj studios is one of the main culprits with movies like Tashan, Thoda Life Thoda Magic which make no sense. It is like they decide which star is free, pair em up then shoot a few songs and then make up something and throw in on the audiences faces. And the people seem to lap them up gleefully. Akshay Kumar considered to be a good actor has not acted in a movie with a serious story in ages. His upcoming movie titled ‘Singh is King’ is being made because they liked the title. Now because they like the title they decide a plot and make a movie. The movie makers do not give a damn to the sensitivities of the audiences.

But hang on does the Indian junta have such sensitivity? Well No…we seem to have lost our creative spark and are very low on our emotional quotient. People pay to watch Tashan but no one cares to go watch an Aamir of Khosala Ka Ghosala in a theatre. The people laugh at the lame jokes cracked on screen and ogle at the Katrina Kaifs but they can accept anything from an angel coming to live with you (thoda pyar thoda Magic) and a lover reunion after 14 years (Tashan). But they cant see a clean movie with intelligent jokes and witty situations. Have the people lost it? Has our society degraded to such an extent that they can relate more to such hopeless pathetic love scenes double meaning comedies and fight scenes than with some cinema with some sense and orientation. That is the reason daily soaps are making money in India, people in India carve to see crap.

India was faced with a similar problem in 1970s where only angry Amitabh movies or Romantic Rajesh Khannas movies were running at the box office which though may be good movies to watch were not great pieces of work. So film makers like Shyam Benegal and Hrishikesh Mukherjee came to its rescue and created the world of parallel cinema. The actors like Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt (one of my favorites) Naseerudin Shah, Faruk Shekh brought characters to life
Utpal Dutt
But such is the irony today that a genius like Om Puri is reduced to running around onscreen acting like a lunatic in movies like Mere Baap Pehle Aap.

Also the role of the actresses has been reduce to mere glam dolls. There are no movies with a defined role for the female lead in this era of Hindi Cinema except for being the epicenter of peoples’ ogling. The last film in which I found the female lead portraying a role vital to the movie was Jodha Akbar. They heroines should not be called actresses as they dont do any acting but just dance and flash skin. Katrina Kaif is one of the biggest stars of the film industry whereas she cant enact one single hindi scene and is fit to perform dance moves which resemble pelvic thrusts during the process of copulation (see songs in Welcome ). But no one cares about actress like Konkana Sen Sharma who are actress in the real sense.

More alarming is the case in Telugu filmdom (which is the only other industry apart from Hindi I follow). Earlier certain Telugu films were heart touching and soulful. The characters picked up perfectly from the times the movies were set in. But now we only see mass movies where a hero romances and dances around with a heroine whose only role is to show some skin and beats up 40 guys at once with no problem. Every hero does that now in Tollywood and again no one cares about the plot.
Sure there have been gems on the way like Omkara, Ganga Jal, Mixed Doubles, Khosala Ka Ghosala, Swades, Rang De Basanti,Metro,  Nuv Vastan Ante Ne Vodantana (Gult). But the maority of the movies belong to the aforesaid hopeless class of cinema.

The critic in me aches to see movies like Guddi, Chupke Chupke Golmaal. I am worried about the current situation more so that the audience seems to like the dishes the YashRajs Akshay Kumars and Karan Johars are serving out. It will be sad if we had to look towards Hollywood to sataisfy our creative cinema hunger one day when we have the rich history in movies thanks to people like Satyajit Ray, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and the modern directors like Rajat Kapoor, Sagar Bellary etc. This blog is a tribute to Shree Utpal Dutt who is one of my favorite actors.

5 Responses to “Bashing Bollywood”

  1. Bang on! Infact come to think of it, its true not only in terms of movies but in the songs as can very well listen to a K L Sehgal or S D burman track and you’ll still feel the melody whereas songs in today’s times have a shelf life of few weeks. After that they sound trash…i dont rememebr any song by current music directors (except A R Rehman) which has an evergreen feel to it.

  2. I’ll tell you the main reason for all the bullshit being churned out.the Indian audience,until a few years ago was not mature enough to digest movies which deviate from what you would call “mainstream”. a lot a changed since the 90’s but the guys who are making movies haven’t realized that as yet. Indian movies are still star-centric.much more so than Hollywood.all the production houses with all the money and capacity to pull audiences only cast a standard set actors in roles which are very stereotypical.i can say the youth of today, being exposed to sitcoms and Hollywood need much more than just govinda type of movies to be impressed.
    so its more in the hands of the movie makers because we,the audience are mature enough to handle much more than what is on offer at present.

  3. Very true…in fact 90s was the age of slapstick comedies and nonsensical action movies and then with the influx of young minds, new directors like Ashutosh Gowariker, Farhan Akhtar and Raju Hirani we got some original stories and some really brilliant movies being made…but things are on the downfall again. the kind of movies they dish up in the name of comedy is horrible. and i really don’t know a single person who enjoys them.

  4. ya agree dude
    and u knw Tashan was parallel cinema dude…art film sorta thing… 😀
    yaa akshay kumar is all bullshitting nd his films are a hit everytime.
    Itssame case wid telgu,tamil and kannada…and malayalam supposedly is good it seems but i don’t watch
    Sheki u cud make a bhojpuri cinema..they are art films and intellectual stuff wid sci fi and social messages 🙂

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