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Those were the daysI

Those were the days

I found this photo when going through some of my archives of documents.

Those were the days, when there was no passion.

No desire,

Eyes were unlustful

We longed to go to school.

Still unaffected by the internet.

Amari, Bhendu, Ajit Singh, Swaroop, Harsha, Shashank, Nari and ofcourse Mama, Piku, Sabi, Moron

A class in its own

A class apart.

Of course and all the teachers.

How eventful where the days….

4 Responses to “Days”

  1. Jesus

  2. Eheheheh have one look at your wallpaper. You still regret losing your unlustful eyes? 😀

  3. awesum !!!sheki the poet!!!

  4. bt u were affected by the internet machaa!!! remember ur 😀

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