The Siege of Jamalabad

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This is a long due post so I am writing this sitting in the office of   Yes this is what bored people do at work.

One fine day at NITK we all frustrated from the academic struggles decide to go out somewhere but not to the normal modern day timepass arenas like Bharat Mall etc. So I suggested the idea of visiting a small fort called Jamalabad. I had been thinking about visiting this from 2nd year but due to the lack of enthusiasm this never materialised.

Jamalabad is a small hillock 8km from Belthangady  a town 10 km on the way to Dharmasthala from Mangalore.

Tippu Sultan had built a fort here (the hill was earlier called Narsimha Gudde) and named it after his mother Jamalabee. The fort is inaccessible other than via a narrow path, with nearly 1876 steps to the fort that are cut out of this granite hill and lead all the way to the top through the fort to the summit.

We reached there around 11 clock and started the trek (which is the worst possible time to reach the place).Start the trek at the earliest time possible in the day. The first phase of the trek was the toughest. This trek is not for any average person who just wants to spend some time trekking. It is a tough trek. I suggest only physically fit people to think about climbing this hillock.

An old Archealogical Survey of India signboard welcomed us to the fort.



Oh by the way the cast for this trek:

Me (sheki), Bala, Rushil, Nishkarsh, Heda , Abbi, Vyas.

The trek started at around 11 and after some 15 minutes of climbing I gave up. It was too much for my physically unfit body to take. The others were carrying on but Vyas and Niskarsh showed no fatigue and were climbing on.

I was egged on by everyone and kept climbing and kept giving up every 5 minutes. On the way we found an old battered cannon.


The toughest part of the trek was a part we called the triangle. (it was a right angled triangle and we had to climb along the hypotenuse) But while coming down we found out that there is a way around it with proper steps.

The last part of the trek gets even tougher with the rock cut steps getting tougher to climb.You can see my plight in the pic below <i am lying down as Abbi and Heda look>

The steps

To our disappointment we foud nothing on the top except a small room which was the only remaining evidence of a fort here. But the view was nothing but magnificient. We even found a small tank on the top.

The remains of the fort:

The fort on top (thats all is there)

The fort on top (thats all is there)

The awesome view from the top:


But the best part of the trek was the stream which welcomed us back at the base.

We all relaxed our sore feet. Vyas even tried fishing in it.


All in all it was a very memorable trek. Thanks every one for making so memorable.

Notes for others:

  • The trek is not for starters who have not trekked before.
  • Please wear proper shoes (not as Bala did)
  • Carry lot of water (no water source on top)
  • Carry food (you will get hungry on the way)
  • You might need to bribe the caretaker at the bottom to let you climb the Hill
  • There is not much of remains on the top. Its just a good trek and kind of a nice picnic.

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  1. niceee fun!!

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