A social Media number for all newspaper articles

In Blogroll on March 18, 2009 by sheki


Today while reading the newspaper article in class I was thinking on how to share that article with my friends. The best way to do it would be put it on the social media, and I thought of this simple idea

All newspaper articles can have a social media identification number, or bar code in the future (as barcode reading also will be a smartphone’s duty). This article can be used in the social media and the services can generate hyperlinks to that article on their online site based on that number.

This can lead to easy sharing of newspaper articles. The number can act as an ADD THIS button for the print article provided all print companies accept for a common standard (or a system ) of numbering.

May be it is not feasible in India because of lesser extent of penetration by the social media, but I feel it can be definitely implementable in the west.

PS : Just in love with Windows Live Writer, used it to write this blog.

2 Responses to “A social Media number for all newspaper articles”

  1. Why a number? Why not just use the URL?

  2. Ok actually we can give some sort of a tinyurl on each article. What do you say?

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