Dell Pain

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I ordered my new DELL studio laptop ( a monster machine) through the Dell India website. After completing  the payment I got a delivery date of a week later. But on the day of the Delivery the Dell website changed the status to “”Please contact customer care”. On calling the customer care, I was given the customary we will get back in 24 hours answer. This continued for 3 days. Finally I called my sales representative at Dell and threatened him, he said my laptop was stuck at customs.

Meanwhile the customer care daily gave me the answer that they have delivered the laptop to Blue dart the carriers, and there is some problem at their side. They also told that they have sent an escalated request to Blue dart. They gave me this answer for at least a week. By this time, the stipulated delivery time of 2 weeks was over.

My sales representative also stopped picking up my calls at that point. Only after a lot of begging and threatening the Customer Care was my laptop delivered after 15 working days.

This was a very painful experience, after paying for the laptop I had to wrestle the call centre and the Dell bureaucracy to get my laptop delivered. To cover up Dell gave some arbitrary reasons that my pin code was wrong where as I had provided the correct pin – code.

Pathetic service from Dell.

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  1. I can top that lack of service. I first ordered two machines.A $4000.00 desktop & a laptop @just over $4200.00.After having the order placed on hold, cancelled,and told it had to be reordered twice the second time, 3 days before the projected delivery date on the second build order. The happy day finnaly arrived, my laptop arrived. I opened it to discover two things. no power cord/converter and no instructions whatsoever. Having become quite familiar with being treated this way. I contacted the only decent person I have encountered in this entire farce,a Mr Nathan Kirby,he has attempted to undo the mess from day one but as soon as he corrects one snafu something else is derailed. he special ordered the powerconverter and owner’s manual for me. Several days later a pckg arrived. Here is the final punch line,dear reader.
    No Owners manual for my $4000.00 laptop. I was told Dell has a policy which works like this: If I wanted an owners manual I had to request it during my ordering process with the Dell rep on line or the phone if not I have the only alternative to go on line and download the manual which I can then print for myself and buy a little binder to carry around with my computer. Dell doesn’t think the average customer needs an operators manual anymore.

    Both computers are being packed for shipment back to Dell
    Can you say “Lost another customer”?

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