Mumbai Taxi Trick

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With a lot of people traveling to Mumbai off late for Mood-i, this I thought would be a good time to write about how the taxi drivers trick you.

As soon as you get into the taxi, the taxi driver asks you if you have change for Rs 1000. If you give him two 500 Rs. notes, and in one glance he changes them for two 100 Rs notes. and starts quarreling with you that you gave only two-hundered’s for his 1000 Rs note. For a new comer to Bombay and some with some lack of confidence usually ends up paying the additional 800 bucks. Now the way to fend off this is to fight off with the taxi driver till what ever limits he goes to and create a fuss and call more people. Be ready to even call the cops.

But prevention is always better than cure so in a Mumbai taxi never pay anything until you reach your destination.

A set of Sardarji taxi drivers who operate around Dadar are the most dangerous of the lot. Also a point to note is all the area south of Dadar is only served by taxis and not autos. So if you get down at Victoria Terminus (or Bombay Central ) or at Dadar then you would have to take a taxi and hence be extra careful.

I had this experience yesterday  at the Dadar station and hence I thought I would blog it to update others.

3 Responses to “Mumbai Taxi Trick”

  1. so u paid??

  2. Mangy scurvy unscrupulous goons! Thank you Sheki

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