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The Most irritating bus Journey

In NITK on October 27, 2007 by sheki

Disclaimer ::

this is a personal opinion and if any sentiments are hurt i am sorry for it. I have the right to express my feelings and hope this doesnt make any relations sour.<actually i don’t give a damn>


A high bala, mota < with kurt Cobaines soul trying to enter him > pacman, flirtmaster and rushil

An usual weekend trip to mangalore to have some good food and a usual return journey on the express bus standing but with a small difference. As soon as we got into the bus which was stuffed only by members of a species called NITKIANS  my friends were bitten by the singing bug.  Starting with humming tones of the same old english songs they went berserk singing in high volume in the bus. Now I have never seen anyone do that before in a bus except for some street urchins begging for money. The singing was accompanied by some instrumental help by mota who desperately tried to mimic a guitar. Tushil was displaying his creative prowess. And well bala was just singing along. Mota developed a nasal twang trying to emulate the guitar which was damn irritating. Pacman tried to handle the vocal drums. After the standard english songs the band started to sing arbit songs like ‘Choli ke niche kya hai ‘ by mota to which he himself replied mame and of course bala laughed at it. This was damn funny for them and unfunny for me. The other people in the crowd were getting bored and pissed off too. I heard some people doing ‘Pitchee, pitchee” I was hoping some senior would get up and yell at them to stop.But I think they all were very civilised and had a hell amount of practice to face crap.  After that it was the usual Bala and Mota pondy  round. they started  singing sutta balatkari and GMD in the bus. Mota forgot where the volume down button was and went on singing. Later I came to know the meta prof sitting in front was staring at them in full hysteria.

But the best worst was yet to come. Flirtmaster joined the band and the composed the worst composition i have heard in my whole life. They started yelling it out opposite GB which was drawing undue attention from the guards and i had disperse them. But still they continued on singing at all along till SAC which was damn ……well ……..embarrassing   <yes !!!!!!i got the word right >.

 Well it was ironic that bala and flirtmaster whose usual time pass is to criticise our north Indian brethren of uncivilised behaviour to indulge merrily in such activity. Shivaji the boss was playing in SAC then we went to see the remaining part. The movie was just awesome to watch with all the shouting going on the dialogues of Rajini   my favorite being “BOSS Bachelor of social service”.We all found the heroine too sexually attractive. I know the guys wont agree with me , but they never do on these matters. Waiting for aggressive comments >>>>>




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Talent is a inborn; its a gods gift to each person; every one cant have all the things in him; the Darwinist process of natural selection always gifts individual with some or the other talents. But what happens when the never before failed theory forgets to gift you with talent??…………

I am a guy in supposedly one of the better institutes of technology in the country NITK, but being here i get the opportunity to develop other skills apart form academics. But how hard try I cant be a master of any of the fields. Starting of first year I had a huge craze for volleyball. I used to play daily from a loser at the start i led my class team to the finals in the inter branch cup but thats the end of story ; the college team trials came up were so many people better than me and I realized I did not have any natural talent in this game. I had real interest in quizzing and was always improving but never could really qualify for any quiz because there always someone better then me. I tried in vain to forge a team for the quizzes but I always end up looking for team mates just before quizzes. Nature here too has not been nice to me. I then started the quested of technical skills. I was damn impressed by other peoples knowledge in c coding they had natural flair at it. I was always mesmerized by their ease of coming up with the code where as I struggled to get my programs right. Unluckily this was also not my forte and my search for talents within goes on. I tried learning Photoshop and here too there are others much better than me and I have as of now found no use of my so called developed skill. Now I am trying to learn PHP but again there are others who are better than me. Some people have the natural talent in them some dont, coming to this elite college called NITK you are always in the company of the talented and always I feel demoralized that I am not as skilled enough. But my quest for developing skills and talent continues. I am not going to give up easy …. I will always try to develop my skills and make up for the the ‘ unhad ‘ talent. This is quest from within. A flame to engulf the realms of whatever I endure to do. Let the sad story not bore you. Thats it to my keyboard……………


Are you the Mafia?

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The new rage to hit the second floor of my hostel 7th block in NITK is a game called Mafia. It has replaced the popular Defence of The Ancients (read DOTA) as the most played game in the amongst all people here. People go on Mafia sprees playing mafia from 12 noon to 3 night. The game is very addictive and has given another opportunity to many people to avoid academics. Besides submitting a research paper in an obscure subject called information systems we the people of comp sci are left dumb founded by DSA classes. All these don’t cause any panic but a dumb move in a mafia game ‘to kill the bandit’ sends tempers raising. People who consider themselves to gifted inside the skulls blast others who according to them don’t analyze the game. Bazy has been a sitting duck in this aspect always. People keep forgetting that this is a game and not anything more. The currently popular cricket 07 game also has lost much of its appeal; only bala is seen some times to be playing it. The recently concluded student leadership congress was the stage to pass on the legacy of mafia form third year to second year. The game has been spreading like a wildfire.

Amongst other things the visits to reading room by people like Rushil have started. I have to start reading or else my GPA wont be a good picture.


End of Mid Sems

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22 September 2007


A beautiful day, end of midsems , we had not done anything fun for a long time. So it was decided we will go to Sultan Battery and check out the water sports there. I came across a flyer about water sports in sultan battery just by chance at Swamis . As usual it was me and mota who pushed along the crowd to come. Finally after some effort a gang of nine left for Sultan Battery at around 4 in the eveneing. It was a punjab party dominated crowd consisting of Sahu (vikas) Moga(vipin) Prince(tejinder singh) UP (abhishek aggarwal) Mehta (mohit) and the usual people watan and Nishkarsh. After some help from the bus conductor and changing busses a regiment of 9 people in 3 autos reached sultan battery. On reaching we the ever hugry people of NITK (thanks to the messes attacked ) attacked a Chat wallah who did not understand what a gol guppa was. After3 plates of gol guppas down our tummies we paid a tribute to the monument built by Tipu Sultan which luckily stood the test of time . We all decided to do Kayaking so we split up into batches into two batches, mota me watan and moga . in one. Mota like his extreme self set off with his kayak. It was a totally exhillarating ecperience. We even found a answer sheet with 0 marks on it in the water. On reaching back ashore we decided to give a shot to dirt track racing which was really awesome and taatal fun. Mota as expected crashed the vehicle and did all kinds of crap /* when will he realise he might get into trouble*/ we all decided to go to bittu da dhaba for dinner. After a tiring one hour journey on the express bus /* I was hanging all the while*/ we reached Bittu da dhaba. The food there compensted for all our troubles. Watan the experienced candidate ordered for us. Butter paneer and dal makhani. Rotis were on the rocks. Every one eating some 8 rotis with swami /*weird to have a swami at Bittu da dhaba*/ getting the rotis in batches of 18 and then a round of lassis. I never liked lassis but the lassi there was good damn good/*copyright Sri bala tiple G*/. I gorged on food like that really after a long time ,Nishkarsh payed the bill as it was his Birthday, (Thanks a lot saved my fifty) . On reaching back to NITK the dreaded India Australia 20 20 semifinal had started with India batting first I being the pessimistic soul predicted Indias defeat and hoped at the deepest corner of my heart that india would win. I was too tired and I could not get a standing place in the TV room so i slept through the Indian innings. The aussie chase began and the tv room crowd going bezerk on every appearance of the skimpily clad Reliance girls(dancers wearing some t shirts of reliance) . I was sent off packing in the middle obvers by bala and mota as I was an ill omen and Indias position was not good. But some terrific bowling by Bhajji Rpsingh got India back into the game and it was a comfortable win setting up a India Pakistan finals. the first floor NIDs went a bit crazy and started celebrating with loud music and attempts to dance. I dont know why I am writing this; Thats all to my key board.(going to watch sytheria)


Tit Bits

  • Mehta was wearing a pink shirt and white shoes (beat that)

  • Moga has two girlfriends one in Mlore and one in jalandhar (phew)

  • The funny surds name is Tejinder

  • UP was wearing a stupid pair of shades.

  • Sytheria is a porn star who can squirt 8 times.

  • I attempted to booze yesterday finist=hing only half a bottle of beer, with some sprite.






Freshman 2 Sophomore!!!!!!!!!

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DISCLAIMER :: If you have any problems with this or feel left out please contact me. Don try roughing me up I have PP support :). If you get the feeling I am frustrated or gay be sure I am not. AND I DONT USE WINDOWS(both the hardware/*I use doors*/ and software)

The ceremony to mark our coming into 2nd years was a total let down. The junta assembled at Mining Seminar according to NITK standards half an hour late. As per the dressing instructions a few people sportively wore formals or ethnic wear, but much of the crowd did not care about the dress code coming almost in their night dresses. (One Mr A3 god had to be pulled out his DOTA game in whatever he was wearing). I was confused between formals of ethnic so I went for the fusion brand a Sherwani with formal pant(Beat that). The GB brigade was wearing stunning saris showing enthu which was obviously lacking in th boys section. This could be attributed to the fact that many of the famous personalities decided to give this event a skip I think because they were to scared of the thought of being ragged or at least grilled on stage. The absentees included our famous CR, Bk,Weedi, Hesh, Bala,IE Con and ANV. The ball was set to role by ‘JOGI Hadu’ by Bharat S.The Punjab Cricketer from our class did a Bhangra dance number and was accompanied by his room mate E Bizz Guru. The guys had to nominate a girl who would give them a rose and the imported loco female was the most popular choice guys (If you did not get it she was wearing GREEN;;; still clueless THINK VIPUL JAIN) and that I think dethroned You Know Who as the class’ most popular girl. We were blessed by the presence of 3 members of our faculty (I dont know why). We had a round of musical chair with our UP Lady and Sambhit won it (we are considering him for the world cup MUSICAL CHAIRS in Addis ABaba ). Kulki was made to bowl (weird things with weird people)

FOOD (the Thing We care about)

No No No……………I did not get any samosa cake or coke (Can I sue them). But many seniors were seen attacking the food. Only two or three seniors were actually cared about the geusts(us ) having food. The coke went from bottles down the throats while I and a few unlucky ones were mere spectators because of our extra courteous manners. I think they were eating for what they paid (so mean). Luckily I got some pav bhaji but my luck did not last till the ice cream. I think this again proves the point food is the single most important thing in a NITkians life thanks to the messes. Sankalp did a dance number (tribute to that guys passion for dance)

2nd Half

The faculty left (finally ) after getting bored of seeing a dozen intros of the 2nd years. CSI Puppy danced to Beedi and sung in konkani and gave a rose to the Green Sari Babe. Wow What a day for him. Then the 3rd year Bala (IEEE Bala) shouted blowing up his vocal cords to infuse some enthu into the party but he ended up doing a Dus Bahane Dance Number (a good one at that may be DDFC next year). The North Indian Dudes started doing what they do best “SHOUTING”with some Joel support. Then the deadly thing called Paper Dance started.The few select females had to choose from about 200 males the guy who would basically lift them (forget dancing seriously). The girls called Karat, 3rd year mallu guy, final year weirdo 3rd Year Roto con and a guy with a very two single hairs tied in a knot as a ponytail.

Vipul Jain && Nishkarsh

To tell the truth i was also expecting a dance call, but I was lucky (ha ha). Then out of no where Vipul Jain gets the call to dance from the “girl of the night” and Nishkarsh from PC. The dancing begins with people standing and only Vipul Jain doing some ballroom dancing to Bhangra Beats (Phew!). The lifting began, Karat was substituted by Sreejit, and Vipul Jain was having the day of his life AND in NITK tradition he was really gpld big time, (Every #0g “GUY” has his day)/* THAT MIGHT BE A JEALOUS EXPR.ESSION*/. The smile did not leave his face for a while. I totally salute the guys for taking up the job without much gym experience. After a while the party was dispersed. And the whole evening ended with many people being left out.

  • Mogre and Shubham were competing for the best dressed male award in Sherwanis with dupatta where as the judges thought otherwise and EBizz guru won the award.
  • Bangis as usual were acting #ay, A3 Asking Heda many times for a dance.
  • EBizz was not wearing his earing which i think signifies his changed attributes (he lifted CRs Babe).
  • Nishkarsh treated at the GB cafe for getting the golden oppurtunity to dance
  • Few clubs had interviews. So some crowd did not come up.
  • A tribute to Bhatia, he was stunningly dressed in Formals (I AM NOT BENGI)
  • Sarat Rallapli was given a rose by some senior girls (SLoggers get too much attention)
  • Mileee was given a course on PONDY by Bazy and A3 god.
  • 3rd year Bala agreed the party was not upto the mark
  • Mogre gave 15 roses to the Gult girl.