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Observing Kerala

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On a recent road trip to Kerala, particularly the north Malabar region, I observed a few traits of the gods own country.

  • It is very difficult to get vegetarian food anywhere. Lot of the people consider chicken to be vegetarian and Beef non vegetarian, even the Hindus do not seem to have an issue with beef.
  • During December January you will find a lot of people clad in black dhotis, it is the annual Sabrimala festival and lot of them head to Sabrimala and Kerala and they stop in a lot of tourist places en-route.
  • The water is always pink in colour and hot at all places
  • Every one tells distances in meters, if you ask some one for directions instead of the usual go ahead a bit and take a left, they will say go 100m ahead and take a left. This was weird at first but a lot helpful once you get a hang of it
  • You can manage with tamil if you do not know Malayalam
  • You get alcohol in government shops and there are a very few of them. Bars are fewer in number too compared to Karnataka. But Beer is very cheap a bottle of Kingfisher costing only Rs 50.
  • Kerala Parota and apam are awesome and not to be missed

Find the route map for the trip here