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UNESCO World Heritage Sites India

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India has around 28 UNESCO world heritage sites .

Visiting all of them is one of the things I want to do in my life. [check the few things I want to do in this list].

Here is a map of all the heritage sites: [map]

The following are the spots I have already visited and below are the ones I have to visit.


Not Visited

I realize five is a very small number and I have to increase my travelling rate.

Post away how many you guys have visited.

A few links:

Wikipedia What is a world heritage site?

PS: Just changed it after my visit to Ajanta and Ellora


Observing Kerala

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On a recent road trip to Kerala, particularly the north Malabar region, I observed a few traits of the gods own country.

  • It is very difficult to get vegetarian food anywhere. Lot of the people consider chicken to be vegetarian and Beef non vegetarian, even the Hindus do not seem to have an issue with beef.
  • During December January you will find a lot of people clad in black dhotis, it is the annual Sabrimala festival and lot of them head to Sabrimala and Kerala and they stop in a lot of tourist places en-route.
  • The water is always pink in colour and hot at all places
  • Every one tells distances in meters, if you ask some one for directions instead of the usual go ahead a bit and take a left, they will say go 100m ahead and take a left. This was weird at first but a lot helpful once you get a hang of it
  • You can manage with tamil if you do not know Malayalam
  • You get alcohol in government shops and there are a very few of them. Bars are fewer in number too compared to Karnataka. But Beer is very cheap a bottle of Kingfisher costing only Rs 50.
  • Kerala Parota and apam are awesome and not to be missed

Find the route map for the trip here


Dell Pain

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I ordered my new DELL studio laptop ( a monster machine) through the Dell India website. After completing  the payment I got a delivery date of a week later. But on the day of the Delivery the Dell website changed the status to “”Please contact customer care”. On calling the customer care, I was given the customary we will get back in 24 hours answer. This continued for 3 days. Finally I called my sales representative at Dell and threatened him, he said my laptop was stuck at customs.

Meanwhile the customer care daily gave me the answer that they have delivered the laptop to Blue dart the carriers, and there is some problem at their side. They also told that they have sent an escalated request to Blue dart. They gave me this answer for at least a week. By this time, the stipulated delivery time of 2 weeks was over.

My sales representative also stopped picking up my calls at that point. Only after a lot of begging and threatening the Customer Care was my laptop delivered after 15 working days.

This was a very painful experience, after paying for the laptop I had to wrestle the call centre and the Dell bureaucracy to get my laptop delivered. To cover up Dell gave some arbitrary reasons that my pin code was wrong where as I had provided the correct pin – code.

Pathetic service from Dell.


Des Mera

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This one of my favorite songs by the Band Indian Ocean. I struggled a lot to get the lyrics of the song on the net and only one blog had it. So I am just posting it so that you guys can also hear it once.

Des Mera by Indian Ocean

Des mera
des mera rangrez ye babu
ghaat ghaat yahaan ghat-ta jaadu
dhool gubar mein jantar mantar
bahar se bhola gehraa andar
india, sir, ye cheez dhurandhar
jeb daliddar, dil hai samundar
dhadkan jo pardesi jaana
is mitti ka hua deewana
har samundar, gopi chandar
doob ke jaan tu kitna paani

— Indian Ocean

This is my country, then
magic in every mountain
mystery in the dust
seemingly simple, but deep within
India is a confounding thing, sir
empty pockets but a heart as deep as the sea
outsiders who discover its heartbeat
fall in love with this soil
each ocean and person
drown to know its depth