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Des Mera

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This one of my favorite songs by the Band Indian Ocean. I struggled a lot to get the lyrics of the song on the net and only one blog had it. So I am just posting it so that you guys can also hear it once.

Des Mera by Indian Ocean

Des mera
des mera rangrez ye babu
ghaat ghaat yahaan ghat-ta jaadu
dhool gubar mein jantar mantar
bahar se bhola gehraa andar
india, sir, ye cheez dhurandhar
jeb daliddar, dil hai samundar
dhadkan jo pardesi jaana
is mitti ka hua deewana
har samundar, gopi chandar
doob ke jaan tu kitna paani

— Indian Ocean

This is my country, then
magic in every mountain
mystery in the dust
seemingly simple, but deep within
India is a confounding thing, sir
empty pockets but a heart as deep as the sea
outsiders who discover its heartbeat
fall in love with this soil
each ocean and person
drown to know its depth